Tuesday, 8 March 2011

5 Reasons Not to Eat Free Range Eggs

We keep on being told that free range eggs are cruelty free. The research I did found differently.

1-Many hens die even before they make it to farms on conveyor belts where they are roughly handled and thrown about.

2-Whether the birds go into cages or not they have their beaks cut off.

3-Being free range does not mean birds live the perfect life. The spaces they occupy may be outdoors, but they are often cramped.

4- The male chicks are killed because they don’t lay eggs. They are usually gassed or put in a mincer and killed in a method called IMD (Instantaneous Mechanical Destruction). Eating free range eggs or any eggs means more hens and chickens and therefore more chicks that are killed.

5-Free range in America does not mean the same as in the UK. In the US, eggs can be described as free range when the birds have been given as little as five minutes in the sun each day. 

As a result of the disturbing facts I found, I have stopped eating eggs.

Footnote – Viva (the Vegetarians International Voice for Animals) filmed undercover in two hatcheries. Here’s the footage (be warned it contains highly disturbing images) -

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