Thursday, 10 March 2011

Top Bananas a.k.a the celebrities standing up for animal rights

Awards for top services to animals

1. Forest Whitaker. Fine actor, fine man. He’s been a vegetarian for 25 years and his son is a vegan.

Reason he’s a top banana – He’s a Hollywood top hitter and an unlikely vegetarian.
He and his daughter did a short film for PETA  promoting a vegetarian diet.

2. Leona Lewis. Great singer, great gal. A vegetarian herself, she speaks out about everything from fur to the industrial farming of dairy cows in Britain in mega dairies where cows would be treated like battery hens.

Reason she’s a top banana – Shunned a whopping £1million the opening of Harrods because they sell fur -
Lewis also has her own vegan friendly clothing range -
She made sure that the cruelest food on the planet, foie gras, was taken off the menu at the Brits -

3. Joaquin Phoenix. Quite possibly the sexist vegan on the planet. Phoenix is so strict about his beliefs that he insists that for all his movies all ‘leather’ garments are synthetic.

Reason he’s a top banana – He’s a spokesman for PETA and in a photo shoot for Prada, he refused to wear shoes because they were made out of leather.
He has fronted a number of PETA campaigns, including one highlighting the trade in exotic skins -

4. Alicia Silverstone. The beautiful actress looks so healthy and is a great advert for veganism. She’s been vegan for over ten years.

Reason she’s a top banana – A staunch supporter of PETA, see this link
she wrote a book about her diet aptly called The Kind Diet, that was crammed full of recipes.

5. Paul McCartney. Animals have a friend in the Beatle.

Reason he’s a top banana – What could be better for animals that having such a high profile advocate? This is an example of a man using his power for the tight reasons. Other stars take note.
Macca helped publicize the use of cat and dog fur in clothing -

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