Monday, 23 May 2011

6 Selfish Reasons to go Vegetarian

You will be making a real difference to yourself and others if you go vegetarian -

Be a hot vegetarian

1-Vegetarians are less likely to be overweight than non-veggies.

2-Vegetarians are less likely to get certain diseases like cancer and heart disease. This is because meat takes longer to digest and is full of saturate fat.

3-You will be able to look into the eyes of a cute lamb and feel no guilt that you'te having lamb for dinner.

4-It shows others that you are a compassionate human being, capable of independent thought - and not one of lives drones who follows the crowd and does something just because everyone else is doing it.

5-Vegetarian hot dogs taste way better than meat ones. My dog will scoff the veggie ones, but he'll shun the other ones. Meat eating friends also prefer the taste.

6-There's a lot of hot vegetarians out there. Maybe you can bag one. You won't if you eat meat. Well, what vegetarian would want to snog someone tasting of a Big Mac?

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