Thursday, 16 June 2011

6 Reasons I’m going dairy free

After finding out about the cruelty that goes into milk production, I have gone dairy free. This means no more milk, no more margarine and spreads containing milk, and definitely no milk chocolate.

There are other reasons I am shunning milk –
  1. Despite what we keep being told, milk is not good for you. In fact, consuming it gives you a higher risk of osteoarthritis and breast cancer. In Asian where most people don’t eat dairy, the rates of both conditions are much, much lower than in the West where dairy is a part of people’s everyday diets.
  2. Have you ever woken up with phlegm? That horrible thick sludgy stuff in your throat that’s often green? Then dairy may be to blame
  3. Despite consuming more milk that most other countries in the world, the USA and the UK have high rates of osteoarthritis. Much higher than Asian where dairy is not part of their diet. How can that be when we keep on being told we need milk for strong bones? Maybe there’s something in milk that isn’t good for bones.
  4. We have sky high rates of breast cancer in the USA and the UK too than countries that don’t drink milk.
  5. Humans are only meant to drink their own mother’s milk, not another species. Drinking milk is weird.
  6. The dairy industry is a cruel one. Did you know in the UK alone, 100,000 calves (yes, that's babies are killed every year) for no other reason than they are male and don't produce milk? VIVA (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals) have a campaign right now exposing the cruelty that goes into making Cadbury's chocolate. They have a Facebook page. Read more about them their milk myths campaign here


  1. I agree cow's milk is for cows!
    I have drunk soya milk for years now, as I also find milk gives me catarrh.
    I avoid cheese and marg etc too and I eat dark chocolate that has no milk in.

  2. Couldn't agree more Shirley. I love soya milk, but I'm a bit of a kid and use banana flavoured for my cereal.