Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Are your makeup brushes made of fur?

We all know that cosmetics can be tested on animals, resulting in cruel experiments.

But were you also aware that your favourite makeup brushes may contain animal hair and even, would you believe it, fur?

Here are some facts –

  1. Make up brushes can be made of horse hair. This hair comes from horses that are slaughtered first.
  2. Squirrels are also hunted for their hair. This ends up in makeup brushes.
  3. Mink and sable brushes come from these animals that are killed for their fur.
  4. Goat hair is also used. The goats are shorn like sheep, but often the people doing it are paid by the amount of hair they can get and this can lead to goats being sheared so quickly that they sustain cuts, gouges and other injuries.
  5. Brushes made with animal hair and fur, often cause skin irritation. Synthetic materials are kinder to the skin.
  6. There are companies that don’t use animal by-products in their makeup brushes. They include The Body Shop, Urban Decay, Origins Natural Resources and Hard Candy. 
Tip - The more expensive the make up you buy, the more likely that the brush supplied with the product is made of fur.

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