Saturday, 2 July 2011

The truth about Foston pig farm - prison for pigs

Pigs are intelligent animals like dogs

Pigs are intelligent, sociable animals. In fact, they are said to be as intelligent as dogs.

If the application for Foston pig farm in the UK goes ahead it will be yet another step towards US-style factory farming in the UK.

Here are some facts about the farm -
1. There will be 1000 pigs 'prodcuced' each week in this 'farm.' They will all be slaughtered.
2. The pig farm poses a risk to humans and local residents are opposing it.
3. There will be a estimated 25,000 pigs in this farm at any time.
4. The pigs will stay in cramped conditions indoors and be unable to engage in normal social behaviour and to go outside.
5. The man behind the plans believes that one day there will be no animals being farmed outside. Instead it will take place in factories.
6. There's a picnic site overlooking where they want to build the factory.
7. One of the few concessions they've made to animal welfare is that sows will be in crates they can actually turn around in.

To read more details and oppose the application, go here

Note - there are some upsetting images on this page, so it's not suitable for children.

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