Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The truth about Squalene

Sharks belong in the open sea, not in face cream

I received a free sample of something in the post today. Usually I'd be happy, but the first thing I noticed was the face cream was made in France. That set off alarm bells.

You see, most beauty products made in France seem to be tested on animals with L’Oreal the worst offender.

It was also an anti-aging cream, which made me a bit peeved because it suggested I needed it.

I ran my eyes down the ingredients and spotted squalene right away. Big no, no for vegetarians, vegans and anyone who loves animals. Squalene you see usually comes from shark liver oil. It can come from plant sources (all plants and animals produce squalene naturally) but unless it states its plant derived, you have to assume it comes from sharks.

Allowing for the cruel way it's obtained, who wants shark oil on their face?

I know I don’t. How about you?

Tip – Is it an antioxidant cream? Chances are it may contain squalene.

Tip – Save yourself some money and sharks some suffering and use a few drops of olive oil on your face instead. It’s a good and cheap source of squalene, but don’t use too much or you’ll look greasy.

Note – Squalene has been linked to Gulf War Syndrome as it was used in the Anthrax vaccines American servicemen and women were given.

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