Monday, 17 September 2012

My manifesto for a more compassionate world for human beings

When I was writing Living Cruelty Free, I did a lot of research for the chapter on ethical shopping and ways of making the world a better place.  

I was appalled by the cruelty shown to human beings. Sex trafficking is rife, so is slave labor and man's inhumanity to man is heartbreaking.  

Here are the things I think need to happen to improve people's lives -

1. A special court especially for children should be set up. This would give abused or neglected a voice. Any child anywhere can approach this court.

2. Companies to face prosecution for using slave or child labor. Every firm should have no excuse for not being able to account for every single stage of the supply chain. Any company caught using slave labor or child labor, will face massive fines with the money going to charities that help victims of child labor or and slave labor.

Child should be allowed to be children. Not forced to work.

3. Companies should provide suitable accommodation for all their workers. This accommodation must meet a minimum standard. They must also provide schooling facilities for workers' children.

4. Sick of people who win big money bitching about the 'burden' of having that much dosh? The stress of it all, of deciding what luxury item to buy next? Let's ease that burden for them by making it compulsory for lottery/Lotto winners who win big to donate a tenth of their winnings to charity.


5. Legalize prostitution. Too many women and young girls (and even young boys) are being forced into the sex trade. Legalizing prostitution so it's kept to safe, monitored buildings

Women will be safe, sex traffickers will be forced out of business.


6. Any country that doesn't have a democracy like China to be shunned by the international community.

7. All loopholes exploited by big business and individuals to be closed. Why should the poor pay a higher portion of their earnings than the rich who often pay nothing at all?
What would be in your manifesto?
I'd love to know. Please post a comment.

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  1. I agree with everything you have stated. It's a very sad world when we see things that most people choose to be blinded from. I'm glad that you're sharing your opinions on this subject.