Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Why trying to create a better world isn't easy

Since I started this blog and wrote Living Cruelty Free, I seem to have attracted them.

You know the ones. They leave nasty comments on your site and vile pictures; horrendous pictures of animal abuse.

They say things like "you care more about animals than human beings," as if compassion is restricted to humans or animals and doesn't or can't extend to both. Usually people who accuse you of that don't care about humans either.
Note - my book Living Cruelty Free: Live a more Compassionate Life focuses on human as well as animal rights.
People assume living a cruelty free life means not eating or wearing animals, but to me it also means caring about our fellow human beings and avoiding products made using slave and child labor.

You state facts, they stoop to insults.

You can't have a rational and calm conversation with them about vegetarianism, veganism or animal rights because they'd rather sling insults and mock you than actually open their minds and engage their brains.

But, that won't stop me and shouldn't stop anyone else from writing about what they believe in. It's easy to mock and belittle people, but it's much more difficult to take a stand.
Let's unite to change the world: to make it a better place. TOGETHER.


  1. Please don't let them get you down..keep doing and saying what you believe in..keep spreading the message..Im nearly 50 and Ive just started on this journey,it's never to late to change your mindset.x

    1. Thanks Miss Wibbly. I really appreciate you saying that:) Well done for changing your life.

  2. : I really admire you as I know is not easy to even explain other people your ideas, without trying to convinced them, very often I have a similar problem but I guess we need to do what we think is right

    1. Thanks:) It's so difficult when the are some people are downright nasty about things. Secrety I think many people are ashamed that so much cruelty is done in their name so they can eat steak or wear leather.