Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Animal testers L'Oreal buy Urban Decay

So soon after celebrating Urban Decay's decision to u-turn on selling their products in China, which would have meant compulsory animal testing (China is the only country on earth where cosmetics must be tested on animals). See my blog post

That's Urban Decay off my shopping list now cruel L'Oreal own them. You can read the story here.
What does this mean?

Like many people, I stopped buying Body Shop stuff when they were sold to L'Oreal. The reason I did this was because I no longer considered them to be cruelty free for a number of reasons -

1. Any money the company made would go to animal testing L'Oreal.

2. L'Oreal opposes any cosmetics animal testing bans. They want to keep animal testing. Because they think it's necessary? Nope, IMHO it's because there is so much money to be made off the misery of animals.

3. Whether the Body Shop continued not to test their products or ingredients on animals and their suppliers didn't test on animals, IMHO there's no way that if some wonder ingredient came along, or combination that they wouldn't benefit from it and that would probably be tested on animals.

Now Urban Decay are owned by L'Oreal they are in my will never buy list, which is sad because yet another cruelty free company bites the dust.

Note - Urban Decay insist that their policy of not testing on animals will continue, but for many people like me the fact they are owned by L'Oreal means they should no longer qualify as a cruelty free company.

In cases like this it's up to the individual to decide whether they buy Urban Decay products or not, but many people like me won't.

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