Thursday, 4 April 2013

The shame of the Grand National a sport where particpants die

The Grand National is a UK institution but should it be? There's nothing grand about the Grand National for the horses forced to take part.

“Between 2000 and 2013, 23 horses have died on the Grand National course”
Correct as at April 4th, 2013

The Grand National is cruel and that's why an organisation like Animal Aid likened it to bullfighting and there are calls from animal charities to ban it. See the article on their site about horseracing and the Grand National.

This is what Animal Aid Director Animal Tyler said after the 2011 'event' -
“When horses are killed at the Grand National meeting, their deaths are not accidents but entirely predictable. The public has been conned into believing that the Grand National is a great sporting spectacle when, in reality, it is straightforward animal abuse that is on a par with Spanish bullfighting.
This race should have no future in a civilised country. The BBC deserves special condemnation for all but concealing news of the deaths. In fact, one of its commentary team described the dead horses as they lay on the course as ‘obstacles’ – which was particularly disgusting and callous.”

Unlike the horseracing industry (which has strong links with fox hunting) who continue to defend the event, Animal Aid, don’t have any hidden agenda. They simply care about animal welfare.

If there was a 100m and at the end of it Usain Bolt broke a leg or his neck and had to be shot, would they still hold that event? Of course they wouldn't, but horses are considered expendable.

Here's another piece written by a vet who wants the Grand National banned.

FACT - In April 4th, 2013, the first day on the Grand National course, which has undergone what have been described as major safety improvements, claimed an equine victim, when 11-year-old Battlefront collapsed and died with a suspected heart attack.
He was being ridden by Katie Walsh, who earlier this week triggered controversy when she seemed to trivialise the deaths of horses on racecourses ("These things happen, and they’re horses at the end of the day.’) and claimed that race horses are looked after ‘better than some children."

In response to that I'd like to say I hope this lady doesn't have children.

If you're thinking of betting on the Grand National this weekend, please think of the horses and don't.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Walkers put real meat in their crisps

Walkers want him in your crisps

In a very strange move, Walkers Crisps in the UK (in the UK, crisps are what we cal chips) have decided to add real meat to their crisps. So far, smoky bacon flavour and roast chicken will be affected.

Although they alerted the Vegetarian Society in the UK, that’s the only warning vegetarians got.

See story here

Understandably, vegetarians are angry and have posted comments on the Walkers Facebook page

Be warned – your comments will probably be removed. Two I made were and I was polite and unthreatening. Clearly, the company has underestimated how angry people would be.

The firm say they will be using only "only Free Range Chicken and Freedom Food Pork to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare." As if that's okay.

Freedom Food is run by the RSPCA in the UK and is meant to ensure the highest standard of animal welfare. How animals wish that were true.

Here's a piece on the Not so Happy Egg Company, who qualified under the RSPCA's Freedom Food scheme. In a joint undercover investigation by 5 News and VIVA(Vegetarian International Voice for Animals) , they were found to have contravened strict rules on animal welfare. Investigations found that the places where the hens were kept were in the words of VIVA "nothing short of factory farms."

Slave labour

If that isn't enough, a gangmaster who supplied workers to Happy Eggs and Freedom Foods chickens had their license revoked because workers were said to be beaten and trafficked. Read the full story here.

So much for Happy Eggs.

If you have any questions or comments about Walkers, please contact the consumer careline on 0800 274777 or email

Please remember that the people who work on these helplines are not responsible for the change of policy by their employer and be polite.

Veggie friendly crisps

Thankfully, not every company has gone down the pig or chicken in your crisps route, here are some vegetarian friendly brands in the UK -

Golden Wonder
Seabrooks - note, the tomato ketchup, sea salt and vinegar is vegan, Sea Salted Perfectly Unsalted, Chilli Flavour.

Please keep checking ingredients, because as we've discovered with Walkers, ingredients are subject to change.


Monday, 18 February 2013

Don't let rich men like Trump trample over people's rights

When spoilt billionaire Donald Trump wanted to build a golf course in Scotland for rich playboys, the people living on the land nearby where treated with contempt and their rights trampled upon. Sand dunes of great natural beauty were destroyed so that a golf course for rich men could be built (a round will cost £200 - that's $309 dollars US).
Over a million viewers watched the documentary You've Been Trumped and watched stunned as Trump’s staff piled mounds of earth around residents’ homes, cut off their water supply and fenced off their land after they refused to leave (the properties THEY and not Trump owned).

Filmmakers Anthony Baxter and Richard Phinney were also arrested just for filming You’ve Been Trumped. Grampina Police were later forced to issue an apology. According to Britain’s National Union of Journalists, this was the first time two journalists have been arrested and charged in the United Kingdom for simply carrying out an interview.
This petition calls for a full public inquiry into the goings on and the possible complicity of local and central government in allowing people to be harassed and intimidated in their own homes.

Why should I sign?
This is important because if people like Trump are allowed to treat people in that way anywhere in the world, your home could be next. Please sign.
You can watch the trailer for the shocking documentary here.
Read more about the film here

There are other things you can do. Click here