Monday, 18 February 2013

Don't let rich men like Trump trample over people's rights

When spoilt billionaire Donald Trump wanted to build a golf course in Scotland for rich playboys, the people living on the land nearby where treated with contempt and their rights trampled upon. Sand dunes of great natural beauty were destroyed so that a golf course for rich men could be built (a round will cost £200 - that's $309 dollars US).
Over a million viewers watched the documentary You've Been Trumped and watched stunned as Trump’s staff piled mounds of earth around residents’ homes, cut off their water supply and fenced off their land after they refused to leave (the properties THEY and not Trump owned).

Filmmakers Anthony Baxter and Richard Phinney were also arrested just for filming You’ve Been Trumped. Grampina Police were later forced to issue an apology. According to Britain’s National Union of Journalists, this was the first time two journalists have been arrested and charged in the United Kingdom for simply carrying out an interview.
This petition calls for a full public inquiry into the goings on and the possible complicity of local and central government in allowing people to be harassed and intimidated in their own homes.

Why should I sign?
This is important because if people like Trump are allowed to treat people in that way anywhere in the world, your home could be next. Please sign.
You can watch the trailer for the shocking documentary here.
Read more about the film here

There are other things you can do. Click here

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