Friday, 22 January 2016

World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) supports hunting shame

You thought the World Wildlife Fund was an animal rights or animal welfare charity. 

Think again. 

They support hunting claiming it aids "conservation." 

It says so on their site. Read it here 

They also clearly state that they are NOT an animal rights organisation.

“WWF is not an animal welfare organization. We support the hunting and consumption of wild animals provided the harvesting does not threaten the long-term survival of wildlife populations." 

Here's an answer to someone who asked why they were backing the Canadian goose (let's kill geese so we can eat them and stuff them in duvets) industry.

Personally, I think that the WWF is misleading supporters with their images of cuddly pandas and monkeys and talking about conservation rather than admitting that they are a pro-hunting organisation. 

If you agree, you can tweet them to tell them on Twitter at @WWF 

And that's how Veggiegirl2011 sees it. 

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