Animal charities and Organisations

Animal Aid (UK) As well as running campaigns to help animals they also have an online shop selling vegan products. Their chocolate is to die for.

Animal Watch (UK) They watch out for animals worldwide, including rhinos that are being killed for their  horns and the animal victims of cruel sports like hare coursing.

Animal Friends Croatia  great site for those who want to live the compassionate life.  

The BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection)
As well as campaigning against all animal testing, they also do undercover investigations and political lobbying.

Choose Cruelty Free (Australia) has a list of cruelty free products and also runs campaigns to stop animal testing. They survey and accredit cruelty free companies.

The Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research do something very important to the future of science and mankind as well as animal kind. They fund pioneering non-animal research.

Go Cruelty Free is the best place to find companies that sell completely cruelty free products. Even better you can search by any country.


Veal Facts A story about so called cruelty free veal.

And a link to more info on veal on the excellent Vegan Answers site -
PETA are the world's top animal rights organisation runs a number of high profile campaigns against animal cruelty. Click here to go to their site and then choose the country's site you want to go to. They have a number of sites, including in the Netherlands (Holland), France, India and Asia Pacific.