Vegetarian & vegan shopping

Cruelty Free Shopping

If you want to avoid buying household products, including cleaners and toiletries that are tested on animals, then there is a site that lists cruelty free companies at
You can search by country including the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Singapore, Ireland, India and South Africa. In some countries brands are only available online.

You can also search by either cosmetics or household products. is one of the best sites out there. Covers so many different topics and exposes animal cruelty.

Makers of vegetarian and vegan sweets. 8 different flavours - 4 of them vegan.
Sweets are available in the UK and in the USA. Click on 'where to buy' on the website for details.   

Happy Cow is a fantastic site that help 'travelers and people everywhere find vegetarian, vegan, and healthy food choices.'

Redwood Foods make the tastiest vegan fare in the UK. Their Celebration Roast is to die for. is the best online store for vegetarian and vegans foodstuffs in the UK. They have some great things like vegetarian & vegan slices (the Cheatin' range of slices from Redwood are fantastic), sweets, dairy free chocolate, vegetarian pet food.

Quorn is one of the few vegetarian foods that is avalble in all supermarkets. Check out their website to see the full range -

Linda McCartney Foods also do a great vegetarian range and are the founders of Meat Free Monday.