Sunday, 26 February 2017

Dark times and how to survive them

There's nothing worse than a loss of hope. A feeling that nothing can ever get any better for us and those we love including all creatures great and small.

So, what do we do? Give into despair? Sometimes its not a matter of giving in so much as being dragged down by despair.
By life.

By constantly reading about all the nasty things that are happening to other people, both animal and human. By having our lives ruined by the actions of others who carry on, not so much oblivious to how what they do harms others, as not caring.

So, what can we do?

We can take the smallest thing, the smallest success and give it the credit it deserves.

Find something that makes us smile.

Pat ourselves on the back for the little things we achieve. Our kindness to others, not just the people we know but to strangers - especially strangers.

Most of all, during dark moments when we see no end to the darkness, to human cruelties inflicted on the voiceless, we need to remember who we are. Why we are here on this earth.

We are the compassionate ones and are here to make the world a better place. And, we are not alone.

And that's how veggiegirl2011 sees it.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Thanks to everybody who bought Living Cruelty Free I've donated money to Cruelty Free International

You’re a star!

Thank you so much for your gift to help save lost, stray and abandoned dogs from laboratories around the world.
You might recall that, horrifyingly, in some parts of the USA and Canada, shelter dogs can be bought by laboratories. Thanks to your vital support, we can tell decision-makers about an important opinion poll, carried out for us by leading pollsters YouGov, that shows the public is on our side. The poll found that 73% of Canadian adults and 68% of Americans agree that dogs who are found or given to animal shelters should not be sold to laboratories for experiments. It’s heartening to know that, just like you, there are so many compassionate people around the world.
Thanks to your generosity, and that of others like you, we’ve also been able to reach out to a host of US and Canadian celebrities – including actor Eric McCormack, who stars as Will from the hit TV show Will and Grace – who’ve raised their voices for stray dogs in laboratories and helped gain media coverage and awareness for our cause. You can find out more