Saturday, 23 July 2011

A vegetarian’s coming to dinner

If all else fails you can always rustle up a salad
For some people hearing that a dinner/house guest is a vegetarian can be a worry. What can you give them to eat that will be quick and easy to make? And, just as important, what shouldn’t you give them to eat?

Bears eat fish, vegetarians don't
Here are some pointers:

What NOT to make –
·         Fish. Vegetarians do NOT eat animal flesh.
·         Poultry like chicken or turkey for the same reason as the one given above.
·         Anything containing meat, fish or poultry products. Vegetarians don’t eat any meat or anything derived from meat such as stew made with meat stock or soup made using a bone.
·         If you’re making dessert, strictly nothing containing jelly. Jelly contains gelatine (also spelt gelatine),which is basically grund down animal bones and muscle. You can get a gelatine-free version of jelly.

What TO make -
·         Omelettes are nice and easy, but if you’re making them an omelette, do it with free-range eggs. Many vegetarians will only eat free-range eggs. You can add things like mushrooms and tomatoes. Ask your visitor what they prefer.
·         Vegetarian sausages and mashed potato (called sausages and mash in the UK). Delicious and easy. Tastes amazing with a thick onion gravy and swede (turnip) and sweet potato mash.

·         Pasta is one of those dishes that most people like. If you can pop some garlic bread in the oven to have with it all the better.
·     Vegetarian  pizza. Easy to make and quick. Cheese and tomato is simple and tasty, but do make sure your guest isn't vegan as cheese isn't suitable for vegans unless it's specifically vegan cheese (available from health food stores).

·         Vegetarian hot dogs. There are so many different brands available and many of my non-vegetarian friends have said that they prefer the veggie versions to the meat ones they usually have.

·         Shepherd’s pie with either Soya, TVP textured vegetable protein or Quorn mince.
·         Noodles. Just a plain plate of noodles with Soya sauce can be tasty.
·         A stir fry. This is ideal because you can make it out of whatever vegetables you have in the fridge and any noodles you have.

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  1. They all look good enough for a carnivore like me to make a lifestyle change :)

  2. I love, love, love this blog. You're great. And lafemmeroar, I wish there were more carnivores like you out there, ones that are willing to consider a change!

  3. Thanks lafemmeroar. That's a lovely thing to say Sascha.