Thursday, 18 August 2011

There's something fishy about soft drinks

It may sound crazy, but if you’re avoiding consuming animal by products, you may also have to avoid some soft drinks. Because some soft drinks that are NOT suitable for vegetarians (and vegans)

Some drinks contain colorants that use animal products, like cochineal, which gives drinks a reddish and pinkish colour.

For example, Fanta used to be on the not suitable for vegetarians list because it may have contained traces of fish gelatin (gelatine). Nice eh? Now that’s changed and Fanta is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

If you want to see what other Coca-Cola drinks are not veggie friendly, see their list. 

The great news for those who love Scotland's unofficial national drink, is that Barrs Irn Bru is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Thanks to David Scott for getting that info.

For those who like to ride the bull, drink Red Bull the good news is that the Taurine is synthetic and is manufactured in a lab. It doesn't come from the stomach bile of animals. Don't believe me? Here it is in black and white - the Taurine in Red Bull

If you're unsure whether a drink is animal free, many manufacturers have vegetarian and vegan lists - if you can find them on the sites that is!

Note – I will be adding lists of things that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans as soon as I find them.

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