Friday, 28 October 2011

Plamil dairy free alternative to milk chocolate review

Guess who ate the rest of it?

One of the toughest things to get used to when you go dairy free (for animal welfare or health reasons) is not eating milk chocolate. Now I love dark chocolate, but sometimes I get cravings for milk chocolate.

Up until now I've fought them, but then I happened across this amazing alternative to milk chocolate and once I started eating it I couldn't stop.

This is by far the best vegan, dairy free alternative to milk chocolate I’ve tasted. It’s smooth and there’s no aftertaste.

As well as being milk free, this chocolate its –
Nut free
Made using sustainable energy

It does contains Soya, which I'm told some people can be left feeling bloated after they eat it.

This 45g bar cost me almost a pound from Holland and Barrett.

Be warned – this chocolate is higher in calories compared to normal milk chocolate but a small piece goes a long way.

KEEP AWAY FROM DOGS AS THIS CHOCOLATE AS A VERY HIGH COCOA CONTENT. But dogs should never be allowed to eat human chocolate anyway as it can kill them.

For details of the Plamil range visit their website.

Plamil are a UK company, but for a list of stockists go this page and schroll further down. It lists stockists in Australia, Germany, France and Holland. Sadly, at the time of printing they don't have a stockist in America, but online vegetarian/vegan stores may stock it.

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