Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Annoying myths about vegetarians and vegans that make you want to say SHUT UP!

I know. If you're veggie or vegan you'll have heard these all before.

Here's the ones I've heard/read far too many times.

They all share one thing in common - they're intensely annoying and a lot of nonsense.

Here are some of the most common ones with suggested responses -

Your diet is unhealthy and makes you weak.

Like eating something dead, that died terrified is healthy.

By not eating meat/dairy you are sentencing all those farm animals to death or extinction.

Those animals are unnaturally bred, forced into small spaces so they can be eaten or people can drink their milk and have their young taken away. The numbers of these animals is unnaturally high.

You sneakily eat meat, don't you?

No. That's all you need to say.

From the beginning of time, we've eaten meat.

There's evidence that's not true. For instance, humans have an appendix. In other animals that's used for the digestion of vegetable matter.

'You really want to eat meat, don't you? That's why you eat mock meats?'

Most mock meats taste nothing like real meat. Mock meat is just the way companies market these products.

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  1. When I hear that not eating meat will make you weak and unhealthy, I tell people to go Google Mac Danzig. He's a successful vegan MMA fighter and I would hardly label him "weak" to his face. There are lots of other MMA pros who are vegetarian as well! This is an especially useful tactic for shutting up the dudes who try to tell me what to eat. Ironically, as a 90% vegetarian, I probably eat more protein in a day than they do. :/

  2. I've never been approached with a logical argument myself, people simply don't understand.

    I wrote a blog post very similar to this one a while back. Here is the link if you'd like to read it. :)

  3. I also heard: you probably have anemia and are unhealthy thin - so not! I've been checking my blood tests regularly and they looks much better than meat-eating people I know and I'm not unhealthy thin, and don't have to worry about my silhouette (that's true and I love it!:) ) but I look good and proportional and it's not that I have so perfect gens, it cost me a lot of effort. I also hear: so you don't have anything to eat, just lettuce or carrot - another nonsense! thanks to be vegetarian and now vegan (I'm still in the transformation:) almost there!) I discovered so many different tastes and dishes that I think that people who eat meat and dairy have a monotony diet in fact

    1. I agree that meat eaters miss out on taste and they're diet is monotonous. It seems to be meat with everything. Yuck.