Saturday, 22 November 2014

Walking Dead star Norman Reedus backs Cruelty Free

Picture Credit: Cruelty Free International USA on Facebook 

In the hit zombie show, Norman Reedus shows walkers and squirrels no mercy, but back in the zombie free world, he has a strong interest in living cruelty-free.

The actor who plays crossbow wielding zombie slayer Daryl Dixon, voiced his support in the movement to end cosmetic testing on animals. "Scores of countries around the world are beating the U.S. to become cruelty-free by banning cosmetics tests on animals," he said in a statement. "Nobody wants rabbits or guinea-pigs to suffer for our vanity, least of all the animals. Let's stop their suffering right here, right now."

In action in The Walking Dead.

Now, there's even talk that he and fellow zombie apocalypse survivor, Andrew Lincoln, who plays leader Rick Grimes, have gone vegetarian.

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