Monday, 10 November 2014

Standing up and for animals brings out the bullies

This is how ducks and geese are force fed.

Two years ago, I posted about a restaurant where I live selling Foie gras. I was shocked that something so cruel * whose production is banned in the UK, could be sold so close to where I live, so I posted about it on my blog and on the Facebook page of my local newspaper.

Afterwards, my partner was threatened in the street by two shady male figures in the dark. One of them was ranting and raving about how dare anyone say he couldn't sell a "food" in his own restaurant. I guess in the days of slavery, the slave masters probably said that if someone suggested it was wrong to sell people. 

The restaurant stopped selling Foie gras for a very short time after I blogged about it and posted on the local newspaper's Facebook page (the newspaper agreed with me that Foie gras was cruel and devoted a whole article to the Cumbrae Bistro selling it) claiming they realised what a cruel "food" it was.

I suspect the real reason they really did it was because the local newspaper wrote about them selling one of the cruellest foods on the planet.

They went back to selling Foie gras (a food so cruel its illegal to manufacture it in the UK, but not to sell it), so it shows how much they actually cared. They even jokingly posted a picture of plastic ducks next to a picture of the article. Clearly, animal abuse was hilarious to them. 

Then today, out of nowhere, one of the men who threatened my partner (I didn't realise that it was him until afterwards) made sinister comments that left me pretty shaken. The kind of comments you get from a stalker. Afterwards, I half expected to have petrol put through my letterbox, followed by a match. 

But, after a lot of thought, I've realised one thing -

That's the same advice I give to bullied children. 

Those who commit acts of animal cruelty and those who prefer to keep their eyes closed to the truth, or who simply don't care (as in the case of this big mouth), will say anything to justify themselves and put you down. That's why you need to ignore the words of people you neither respect or trust.

The truth about Foie gras 

Does this poor animal look happy?

The food is so cruel Amazon also stopped selling it. Read the story here

The RSPCA want the sale of Foie gras banned.

The sale and production of Foie gras are banned in a number of countries, including Germany and Argentina because they break animal cruelty laws. Sadly, in the UK, the production is banned, but not the sale. 

Foie gras is made by force feeding ducks and geese using metal or plastic pipes until their livers expand to many times their normal size.

Here's a normal sized bird liver, next to one that will be turned into Foie gras.

No supermarkets in the UK sell it because it's cruel and contravenes animal welfare laws. 

The Lords Cricket Club have banned the cruel food too. 

Here's how you can help fight the sale of Foie gras. Click here for information. 

The other thing I realised is that if these people genuinely think that its okay to eat a food produced from unimaginable cruelty, then why would they be upset about me posting about it on my blog and sharing it on my local newspaper's Facebook page? Why would they care what people thought, if what they were doing was okay? 

The answer is that deep down, they know selling Foie gras is wrong. 

Sadly, that's the trouble with trying to teach people about the facts about animal cruelty - even when their eyes are open, they close them again, because they lack the emotional intelligence and moral strength to see that knowledge through to its full conclusion and avoid cruel foods like Foie gras. 

Stay safe, friends:) We can change the world. And, unlike those who support cruelty, we don't need to bully or belittle anyone to do it.

That's how veggiegirl2011 sees it.

UPDATE - After failing a health inspection and failing to file their taxes, the Cumbrae Bistro is now up for sale. 

TIP - As long as you stay within the law, there is no excuse for anyone acting in a threatening and aggressive manner towards you. If that happens, call the police. In my case, I didn't because my partner was alone when he was threatened and he only told me what had happened months later, so there was no witnesses, although he did record the abuse on his phone. 

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