Saturday, 18 April 2015

For the last time Hitler wasn’t vegetarian

One of the most commonly trotted out lines you get from non-vegetarians looking to put vegetarians and vegans down, is "Hitler was a vegetarian."

They seem to revel in the fact that one of the biggest mass murderers in history, was vergetarian. 

But, that's not true. 

Biographers who wrote about Hitler (some of who knew him personally) described how he loved eating Bavarian sausages and game pie. Game in this case means meat from wild birds and other animals.

Hitler's own chef spoke about Hitler's love for stuffed pigeon.

That's hardly the diet of a vegetarian. Now, is it? 

Friday, 17 April 2015

My manifesto for a more compassionate world

1. Products that are tested on animals should be legally made to show graphic images like the diseased lungs on cigarette packs in the UK.

"Because I'm worth it." 

Is animal suffering worth it? Let people see.

Hey, maybe there are people who don't care about rabbits being blinded or mice being mutilated, but there are also those who have no idea that cosmetics and household products are still tested on animals.

Time we had pictures like this showing animal experiments on products that use animal testing.

2. There should be legal definitions enforceable by law, over what constitutes vegetarian and vegan suitable products. At the moment, there are just recommendations. But, hey, I could recommend from birth that every baby is given wings, it don't make it so.

3. Clearer labeling on all products not just a list of ingredients, but an explanation of what the more ambiguous one are. Does everyone know that gelatin/gelatine is ground down animal bone and muscle? What about the insects that go into cochineal? Or, the fish bladders called isinglass used to filter some drinks? People have a right to know what they and their kids are eating.

4. Clear vegetarian sections in stores that are kept away from non-vegetarian and vegan foods. One of the stores I shop in (Tesco Glasgow) put Redwoods vegan sage and onion slice in the fish aisle, down from a rotisserie where a chicken was going round. What the hell?

5. CCTV cameras in every slaughterhouse. Animals shouldn't be beaten, have their legs broken been thrown against walls. Let's ensure that every slaughterhouse worker knows that if they abuse animals unlucky enough to end up in their workplace that they could be caught on camera and prosecuted. There's a UK petition here and worldwide here.

6. Sentences for animal abusers to be changed from years to months. In the UK, if people are convicted their sentences (if they get prison at all) are months, rather thank years. They throw in 'banned from keeping a pet' for a certain amount of years, but who actually polices it?

7. The end of breed selective legislation for dogs. No man or animal should be killed for how they look. Let's do it for Lennox.

8. A ban on dog breeding for profit. Until every shelter is empty, nobody should be bringing any more dogs into the world.

Puppy farms should be banned.

What would be in your manifesto?

I'd love to know. Please post a comment.