Friday, 17 July 2015

Pity the price label pedigree dogs - its all about how much they cost!

This is how some people value dogs 

Today I spent way far too much time listening to someone who bought a pedigree puppy boasting about how much "it" was worth unlike "mongrels" and boasting about how he wanted the breeding ban on the dog because the poor thing is too closely bred lifted by Crufts so he could show "it" there. 

(As you can guess, he spoke about this beautiful girl dog like a piece of expensive furniture - it, it, it)
I thought three things -

One - you're a despicable human being to place a value on a beautiful creature and to fund the close breeding that leads to dogs with multiple health problems being born.

Folk like that should be made to go round dog homes/animal shelters to see all the unwanted dogs who will never get a home and who will, as seems to happen too often in America and even in the UK, be killed. 

Two - My "mongrel" rescue dog, Benjy is freaking amazing and unlike your poor wee soul, has no health problems (probably because he wasn't bred from very close relations like your poor dog). He's worth the sun, moon and the stars to me.

Three - I thought, you're a cunt. Sorry if that word offends you, but sometimes there are no words and hey, I'm Scottish every second word is a swear word. 

And, that's how @veggiegirl2011 sees it!

Here's some pics of my awesome "mongrel" rescue dog. Since my dad died, he's been my constant companion and he once almost broke the bathroom door down to get me when I was in there bawling my eyes out.

We got Benjy from the Dogs Trust in Glasgow:) The charity has rehoming centres UK-wide and never put a healthy dog down - unlike US centers.