Monday, 21 March 2011

The Lazy Vegan’s Store Cupboard

Unfortunately I can’t cook like Vegan Dad This is for a number of reasons –
1- My kitchen is so small, it should be in Lilliput (land where Gulliver’s Travels is set)
2- Anything I cook from scratch is either inedible, burnt or both.

Here are the things I could not do without –

1. Soya Mince. Extremely versatile, it can be used in a multitude of ways. My personal favourite is Shepherd’s Pie.

Here's a great recipe on YouTube -

Tip – If it’s the dry kind, try soaking it in vegetable stock first.

It can also be used as just mince – add some carrots, onions, mashed potato and turnip to give it a great taste. In fact, add any root vegetables you want.

You can also add sausages and mash and turn it into my favourite dish vegetarian stovies (also suitable for vegans).
2. Jacket potatoes/loaded potato skins/filled potatoes.  What could be quicker that popping a potato in the oven/microwave and then adding whatever you fancy?

Daiya Cheese is used
 Go to for details of what this baked potato contains. There's mre great recipes on the site.

I love grated carrot and onion on mine, but there are fillings to suit everyone. Also great for children. Don’t forget the smiley face with the salad.

3. Pasta (check it contains no eggs, because if it does it might not be vegetarian never mind vegan as battery hen eggs may have been used). Like soya mince, you can add anything to the pasta that you fancy. How about boiled potatoes and freshly chopped tomatoes with a sprig of parsley?

4. Soya Protein Chunks or Textured Soya Protein (TVP). Great in stews (it’s about the only thing I don’t burn, not for the want of trying though), lasagne or, how about having a curry?

Found this simple recipe at the South African Vegan Directory
Vegan Dad also has some fantastic recipes. Here’s one of the best -

5. Tofu. Scramble it, fry it, stir fry it, bake it, marinate it, grill it, but just don’t do what I did and forget about it until it turns into a brick wall.

It can be used in soups and stews if you freeze it and then let it thaw. If you have silken tofu, you can even use it in desserts to replace dairy things like cream.

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  1. I think they are all excellent choices. Ingredients to conjure up honely grub.