Thursday, 24 March 2011

The ugly truth about Botox

I'm writing a chapter for my book on things that can never be cruelty free.

This is the shocking truth about Botox, much loved be celebrities  -

  1. The increased popularity of Botox (Botulinium) injections has led to a sharp increase in the number of LD50 (LD stands for lethal dose) tests being carried out on mice. In these tests, mice are injected with Botox, which is a toxin and causes paralysis and eventually death by suffocation.
  2. For each batch, a hundred mice are poisoned and observed for days. The test is carried out to see how much of the toxin it takes to kill half of the mice.
  3. There are non-animal tests that are considered to be more reliable, but until they come into widespread usage, Botox is not cruelty free. This is because when licenses are given for botox toxicity testing, no distinction is made between batches intended for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector (Botox does have medical uses). This way, even when it’s used for cosmetic (non-medical reasons) companies manage to completely bypass the ban on testing cosmetics on animals.
  4. Fact – Following a legal challenge from the BUAV (the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection) in 1999, the UK government announced that LD50 tests would no longer be licensed except on 'exceptional scientific grounds.’ It is for you as an individual to decide whether having a wrinkle free forehead is worth the animal suffering.


  1. Don't for one minute think that this sort of practice is limited to products that are created to enhance beauty. Recently I went on an acne medication. When looking at the pamphlet inside the box (not the one that's used to market the gel, but the fine print leaflet), I found that the product had contributed to the same sorts of deaths in mice. It's worth doing your research about ANY product before buying. But a large, large portion of any over-the-counter or prescription drugs (if not all) are conducted on animals.

  2. Sadly you are right. The deaths of so many animals in tests that have been done countess times before is so sad. The one good thing though is that there are so many natural remedies out there that are not tested on animals. Usually they're not the ones doctors prescribe.