Sunday, 7 October 2012

The best vegetarian & vegan guides for free Part 1 - VIVA

Some great vegetarian and vegan themed guides from VIVA (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals)  There's a few free downloads/ones available to read online from this terrific organisation.

The best ones (IMHO) are -

 End of the Line for Fish 

Wheat-eaters or Meat-Eaters (go to download pdf)

Your Health in Their Hands (the health benefits of a vegetarian diet)

The L-Plate Vegetarian

The L-Plate Vegan

How to be dairy free (go down to the title and download pdf)

He's happy, because he knows you're not going to eat him.

Note - although these guides are free, organisations wouldn't be able to operate without donations, so pleas give generously - if you can - or purchase something from their shop:)

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