Sunday 1 April 2012

Look inside Living Cruelty Free - It's free

When we buy books we face a bewildering choice. That's why it's so good to get a sneak peek before we buy.

You can now see what's inside Living Cruelty Free.

Also on Amazon Canada


  1. Just thought I'd leave a comment as I fond that "sneak peek" useful and it convinced me to order your book. I am quite interested in reading the chapter on things that can never be cruelty free. Having been a vegetarian for most my life I am quite new to veganism and I hope to get some food for thought and arguments and answers from your book. :)

    (I found this through the Glasgow Edinburgh Veg group in FB.)

  2. Thanks, Hanna. I'm still learning how to be vegan as it's such a minefield. There are so many products you have to watch out for.